RESIDENTS CONCERNED: NBN tower protesters making their point clear.
RESIDENTS CONCERNED: NBN tower protesters making their point clear. contributed

Group protests 14-storey 'eye sores'

THREE NBN towers ranging in height from 40m to 50m are planned for construction in the region, with members of the community citing "ugliness" and health risks as major concerns for the developments.

A group of residents came together last week to protest the construction of one of the towers planned for Doonan, stating it threatens to "overshadow rural homes and cause a blight on the landscape".

"This visual impact - which would be the same as building a 14-storey building in a rural residential area - not only going against the intent of the SCC (Sunshine Coast Council) Planning Scheme for this area but also brings with it well- researched health concerns," resident Sophia Conley said.

Resident Adam Woodhams said the visual impact of a tower planned for Weyba Downs was "totally unacceptable".

"This proposal for a fixed-wireless NBN connection is just obscene and absurd," Mr Woodhams said.

"This tower will be visible from virtually every part of Weyba Downs and surrounding areas including on the lake and likely from the other side. The impact on amenity will be enormous."

A Sunshine Coast Council media spokesperson said it was not up to council to comment on potential devaluation of properties due to the visual impact of the towers or health risks from electronic transmission.