Annie Flamsteed and Chloe Watson were guest speakers at the International Women's Day Luncheon in Kingaroy. Chloe's daughter Rosie also made an on-stage appearance.
Annie Flamsteed and Chloe Watson were guest speakers at the International Women's Day Luncheon in Kingaroy. Chloe's daughter Rosie also made an on-stage appearance. Madeline Grace

Guest speakers share stories on International Women's Day

THE Kumbia Kindergarten's International Women's Day Luncheon was a success, with speeches from numerous women.

The founder and the chief operations manager of iNSPIRE Sport were two of the guest speakers.

iNSPIRE Sport is an app intended to track and assist athletes with psychology, nutrition, sports science, wellness and recovery.

Annie Flamsteed, 23, delevoped the app as a way to help struggling athletes.

She wanted to provide the help she needed when she was an elite gymnast.

Ms Flamsteed grew up struggling with anxiety.

"I'm from Toowoomba, went to a private school, and I grew up as the girl who had it all. I was an elite gymnast. That came with it's highs and lows," she said.

"Speaking here today meant a lot to Chloe and I. We often speak to lots of people, but it's always only about our business. Usually we only talk about serious things. Today was different and we got to talk about our own personal struggles as women."

Chloe Watson is the chief operations manager at iNSPIRE Sport, and a mum.

"Today I spoke about the struggles of finding who you are, finding your career, and what is important to you. All while being a mum. Then how to manage all of those together in a way that sparks joy," she said.

"I spoke here hoping that by being open about my struggles and the struggles Annie has gone through I can help others and maybe educate them."

Ms Flamsteed and Ms Watson agreed International Women's Day was an important day they wanted to use to empower young women.

"I'm not a burn your bra feminist. So to me personally International Women's Day is only about empowering young women," Ms Flamsteed said.

"I think there are things women can and can't do, and there are different things men can and can't do.

"International Women's Day should be less conversation about the negative side of equal rights, and more about us empowering young women."

Ms Watson said she wanted to see more young women going after what they want from life, instead of being held back.

"Often we sit back and think if only I could. But actually, you know what, we all can. We need to believe that we can," she said.

"We need to also empower women to find the resources to be who they want to be, and then to utilise them. It's important to speak practically about what we can do."

Ms Flamsteed's speech focused on her struggle with anxiety and how she was able to use it to start her own business.

"From what I've learnt over the years I now know that I was probably born with a certain level of anxiety. I've especially struggled with anxiety around eating, my body, my weight, what people think of me, and pressure from myself and others," she said.

"For a long time my anxiety was such a negative thing. But, now I've taken it and turned it into a positive thing with my business. I now use it as a way to drive myself to do better and achieve more. I use it to empower young women as much as I can through my business.

"The most successful people I know have anxiety. I think that is something they need to speak about more often and more openly."

The women behind iNSPIRE Sport were both filled with hope that their speeches were able to resonate with and empower the women at the luncheon.