With gyms closed across the region, athletes are turning to home workouts to keep fit.
With gyms closed across the region, athletes are turning to home workouts to keep fit.

Gym closed? Check out these home workout apps

WITH gyms closed across the region, South Burnett gym junkies are turning to alternative measures to keep their six packs in tune.

Amid the current coronavirus pandemic a number of home workout apps have become free to download and here are our top three:

1. Nike Training Camp

To do its part in help keep athletes fit while staying home, Nike has recently announced that it's making its Nike Training Club app completely free.

The NTC app offerers expert training workouts including yoga, targeted training, equipment based exercise and more.

Workouts range from 15 to 60 minutes long and are designed to meet users at all levels of fitness.

There are over 185 free sessions that are usually locked to subscribers that are now free.

2. Keep It Cleaner

KIC's mission has always been to provide easily accessible ways to lead an active lifestyle and with the recent events taking place around they are offering free live online workouts.

With no equipment required these sweat sessions will promise to get your heart racing, all from the confront of your living room.

These sessions take place Wednesday and Friday mornings at 7am ADST on the Keep It Cleaner Facebook page or live via their Instagram.

3. Strava

Strava is a free social-fitness network that primarily tracks cycling and running exercises, using GPS data.

Users build up a network of followers and follow friends to track there exercises.

In times where social distancing is enforced this app is a great way to stay connected with the exercise community through online GPS tracking.