MATE, YOU'VE GOT TO BE KIDDING: Guy caught eating cereal behind the wheel on the M1,
MATE, YOU'VE GOT TO BE KIDDING: Guy caught eating cereal behind the wheel on the M1, "weaving” as he travelled at 100km/h. Contributed

Gympie woman snaps hungry driver eating cereal at 100km/h

A GYMPIE woman has captured on her smart phone what appears to be another hungry P-Plater eating cereal from a bowl while driving at 100km/h.

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The woman had taken her daughter to watch the gymnastics at the Commonwealth Games and was returning to Gympie last Friday when she came upon the silver dual cab ute travelling at 100km/h on the Pacific Motorway near the Ormeau/ Yatala stretch and "weaving" within its north-bound lane.

When she came up alongside of the ute she was horrified to clearly see the young male driver using either a spoon or a fork to eat something out of a bowl he was holding. The driver's window was half down and there was also a passenger in the car.

Incredulous, the woman told her teenage daughter to take a photo on her smart phone, and said yesterday she now regretted not also getting a photo of the vehicle's number plate to send to the police.

She said she was not absolutely certain the car had P-plates on it, but she believed it did.

"I just couldn't believe it," the Gympie woman said.


eating in car
The Perth P-Plater who was fined last week after she too was captured eating cereal while driving.

The incident comes days after a Perth P-Plater was hit with a $300 fine for doing exactly the same thing.

A photo of the 19-year-old woman went viral last week after she was snapped eating a bowl of cereal behind the wheel of a car.

The 19-year-old probationary driver was slapped with a $300 penalty for simultaneously eating and driving.

The image was taken by a Perth radio listener and appeared to show the young woman steering the car with her knees.

While cereal eater drivers are in the headlines again this week, mobile phones continue to rate as the biggest distraction to motorists and police officer in charge at Nambour Road Policing Unit, Senior Sergeant Shane Panoho, said drivers needed to resist temptation and be 100% focused on driving when behind the wheel.


Senior Sergeant Shane Panoho is officer-in-charge of Nambour Road Policing Unit.
Senior Sergeant Shane Panoho is officer-in-charge of Nambour Road Policing Unit. contributed

"It doesn't matter how many times we hammer it, people are still willing to pick up a phone and check Facebook or check their status on other social media or on a dating page or whatever," Snr Sgt Panoho said.

"It's just astounding that they're more concerned about what's going on outside of their vehicle than what's right in front of them. They're not only putting their life at risk, but every other road user."

He said it was now protocol to seize any mobile phones from people involved in a crash to determine whether it was a contributing factor because there was a high chance it was.

"We would anticipate distractions like mobile phones make up at least 20% of the cause for traffic crashes and fatals," Snr Sgt Panoho said.

Queensland police have narrowed it down to the top six causes of driver distraction:

1. Mobile phones - Facebook, Snapchat, social media, surfing the web, taking photos etc.

2. Doing work on an iPad while driving at 100km on the highway

3. Sexual acts

4. Putting on make-up

5. Brushing their hair

6. Eating cereal from a bowl with a spoon. And eating anything at all.

How the cops tell you're on your phone:

No matter how sneaky you think you're being, police can always tell if you're on your phone while driving. One tell-tale sign is 'the nod' where the driver constantly looks up and down. Another is the light on the driver's face if they are using it at night. Snr Sgt Panoho said many of his motorbike police officers would pull up next to motorists and be there for 10-20 seconds before the driver, engrossed in their phone, realised they had company.