“Hard to watch”: MP reacts to local school brawl

GLENN Butcher MP has recently admitted the video of a Tannum Sands State High School student being set on and filmed by fellow students was hard to watch.

He answered questions about the brawl, which has gone viral, while attending the opening of a specialist therapy service centre.

The Queensland Education Department was approached for comment by The Observer earlier in the week but failed to respond.

Mr Butcher said the QED have processes in place.

"The Department certainly has things in place at the moment, the job of a school is to make sure those issues are dealt with when they happen and concerns are heard," he said.

"I have all faith in the school that the school has the opportunity to get themselves to where they should be and that is educating our kids."

Mr Butcher said the events we have seen come with two sides to it, like every story.

"But obviously we want to make sure as a government, with education being our number one priority, that these things don't happen," he said.

"We all know the Premier is a huge advocate and supports the 'no bullying in schools' stance, not only just physical but cyberbullying as well."

"It was hard to watch that video the other day, I will be working with local police and the education minister to see the path forward for the school."

Mr Butcher said it is a great school and community down at Tannum, there just needs to be work done to ensure students feel safe going to school.

"The last thing you want to do is see young people pulled from schools or move somewhere else when more can be done to help them," he said.