A man holds an ax in his hands against on black background
A man holds an ax in his hands against on black background

He took axe to toilet door because mother wouldn’t close it

A MAN attacked a toilet door with an axe while his mother sat on the seat and the door was open.

The 21-year-old, who has a six-page criminal record, pleaded guilty in Rockhampton Magistrates Court to one count of common assault, two breaches of a domestic violence order, one fail to appear in court and one of possessing counterfeit notes.

Police prosecutor Jess King said one of the conditions on the domestic violence order was that the defendant not attend his mother's residence.

She said the defendant was at his mother's place on March 31 about 4.30pm when she accused him of being a drug user and they started arguing.

Ms King said he approached her as she sat on a bed with a raised fist and then said "you're lucky I didn't hit you" before leaving the unit.

She said on another occasion, he was again confronted about drug use and the defendant punched photograph frames in retaliation.

Ms King said the defendant stayed overnight and the argument continued the next morning where he threatened to have unknown females bash her.

She said at 8am on May 12, the victim was using the toilet and left the door open.

Ms King said the defendant took offence to this and started an argument.

She said the defendant "took hold of a full size axe and struck the toilet door" and then the top of furniture in the hallway.

Ms King said police located the axe when the arrived and spoke with the defendant the following day.

The defendant also stole a handbag containing a wallet, keys and mobile phone from a trolley being used by a shopper in Brisbane, which was captured on CCTV, on March 5 and was found in possession of counterfeit money (eight $100 bills and two $50) containing Asian text.

Defence lawyer Samantha Legrady said the father-of-two accepted his behaviour was appalling and drugs - marijuana and methamphetamines - had been a problem for him.

She said the stealing offence was conducted to support his drug habit.

Magistrate Cameron Press said he was disappointed to see the defendant again.

"You acted in a very juvenile way and a very disrespectful way," he said.

Mr Press ordered the defendant to six months prison with parole release on July 13.