Chris Neeb cools down at the Chalk Drive skate park on the weekend.
Chris Neeb cools down at the Chalk Drive skate park on the weekend. Kevin Farmer

HEATWAVE RANT: Why I could never live north of Toowoomba

OUR SAY: I AM not looking forward to this heatwave this week.

I know that sounds un-Australian as Aussies are meant to thrive in the heat.

But turn it up a few extra degrees and I can't cope. Especially when it is humid. Which is why I could never live north of Toowoomba.

I grew up with freezing winters and a dry summer which rarely seemed to get above 35C.

Yesterday was one day I was thankful to be working in the nice cool air-conditioned Chronicle office.

I went for a walk just after lunch and I almost didn't make it back. I basically oozed into the office.

What makes it worse is that I am now three weeks into an eight-week gym challenge.

I have no idea why I decided summer was a good time to start regularly going to the gym.

But at least everyone in the class is sweating together so I don't seem to be sticking out - or stinking out as it might be.

But with the warmer weather does come some advantages.

Take Saturday for example. What a perfect day to enjoy a few gin cocktails at Gin Sanity at Blank Space.

The tasty citrus and fruity concoctions made for me by some talented bartenders sure hit the spot.

Hundreds of patrons seemed to agree with me and I look forward to the next festival.