"I'm too scared to be alone,” victim of Cherbourg home invasion shows her injuries. Debbie

Home invasion victim fed up and moving out

A MURGON woman who was the victim of a home break-in earlier this year is asking authorities to look at all sides of the equation in light of recent assistance for youth criminals.

The 52-year-old, who only wanted to be known as 'Debbie', was the victim of a violent home invasion earlier this year and said she felt it was the victims of crime who were being left behind.

"I'm angry more than anything. I bought here in Murgon with the plan to live here into my retirement, but after what's happened I will be moving," Debbie said.

Debbie's disappointment comes on the back of minister for youth justice Di Farmer's visit to Cherbourg on Wednesday.

Ms Farmer announced the Queensland Government would fund $280,000 in additional bail support in Cherbourg to help reduce the number of children and young people on remand.

"This additional support will help young people to comply with bail conditions and help to break the cycle of offending, which will keep the whole community safer," Ms Farmer said.

But Debbie's question is why wasn't something done when her arm was broken after four youths attempted to enter her Murgon home.

"Where's the money for the victims? Why haven't we been asked what should be done?" Debbie said.

Debbie has been impressed with the local police but she believed they were not receiving the support they required.

"The police and community have been great. They have checked up on me every day but why aren't they getting the resources they require? They have been asking for a police dog for years," Debbie said.

According to a message from Queensland Police Service on the Murgon Neighbourhood Watch Facebook page, local police are getting supported.

"We have appointed an Inspector to be based in Murgon and Cherbourg for the next three months as well as increased the number of police by immediately filling vacancies and getting teams of additional police to help stop crime."

But Debbie believes that isn't enough.

"All they have done is filled the positions that should have been filled previously anyway," she said.

Area co-ordinator for Murgon Neighbourhood Watch, Darren Buckley is confident the town is on the improve and hoped no one else would leave their community.

"It is sad that she has had to leave town, she was obviously shaken up by what happened, " Mr Buckley said.

When asked if the funding was a good step forward, Mr Buckley wasn't so sure.

"I hope the money and the programs help the situation, I've seen these sort of programs come and go over the years," he said.

Mr Buckley has seen a vast drop in the crime rate since the recently increased police numbers came into effect.

"I haven't been called out of bed as much as I was earlier in the year when it'd happen once or twice a week," Mr Buckley said.

While Debbie is moving on, she wishes the community all the best and knows it is only a small minority that have tainted her experience of the town.

"This isn't about race or towns or anything like that, it is simply about the criminals, I hope my former Murgon and Cherbourg neighbours look out for each other and acknowledge the victims in all of this," she said.

The next Murgon Neighbourhood watch meeting is on contact Monday, August 20.

If you would like to get involved, contact Darren on 0439 838 641.