'Horrendous winds': Five crews battle blaze at off Murray rd, Cherbourg.
'Horrendous winds': Five crews battle blaze at off Murray rd, Cherbourg. Cameron Bond

'Horrendous winds' ignite Cherbourg blaze

CHERBOURG families are counting their blessings after an unsuspecting fire had them prepared for the worst.

Five fire crews attended the Murray Rd blaze which it is alleged was initiated by a smouldering log from a hazard prevention burn two weeks prior.

A Queensland Fire Services spokesman advised the first crew arrived on the scene at 2.10pm on Thursday August 8.

Captain at Cherbourg Fire Station, Cameron Bond said the remnants from the log and strong winds were a dangerous combination.

"An area that didn't burn two weeks ago has burnt today with the wind changes,” Cptn Bond said.

"We have had horrendous winds out this way today.

"It has been quite warm today too.”

The families of three homes near the fire in the Emu Farm Lookout area had their bags packed ready to evacuate their home.

The fire captain said one of those homes initiated their own evacuation plan as the house was 'quite heavily smoked.'

"They had their bags packed ready to go,” Cptn Bond said.

"They did the right thing.”

Thankfully the fire was contained before it got to any of the properties and the family are all back in their homes.

"He had his yard sprinklers on to defend the property,” Cptn Bond said.