Rocky Hospital needs a 400 space car park but when will it happen?
Rocky Hospital needs a 400 space car park but when will it happen? Chris Ison

Rocky Hospital car park survey looks for solutions

HOSPITAL car parking continues to be a point of frustration for the Rockhampton community as the debate on appropriate solutions continues.

Results from the recent 800-strong survey on the facility's parking indicated 70% would be willing to pay a nominal fee to increase their ability to find a car park.

But Central Queensland Hospital and Health Service chief executive Len Richards said that while everyone was aware the only solution was to build a multi-level car park, it wasn't an immediate option due to the available funds.

He said the initial way forward for the hospital would be to complete a traffic flow review before introducing paid parking on-site.

Currently, about 290 car park spaces are required immediately.

Mr Richards said between now and 2020, that number would grow to a shortfall of about 400 spaces.

Rockhampton MP Bill Byrne has also weighed in on the discussions, and said he feels "encouraged" by the prospects of increased parking.

"The stated intention of building a multi-storey car park as soon as a financial plan is in place can only be seen in a positive light," he said.

Meanwhile, the people of Central Queensland have had their say online:


Kel Litzow: Staff need allocated spots where to park (not where patients or visitors park).


Margi Gal: Hospital car parking is an absolute necessity. As a sick person or parent or partner of one, it is ridiculous to think that they have to walk up a hill to seek medical attention. I would be happy to pay a small fee for said parking.


Mardie Holding: It is not safe for staff to walk a block away at night time. We need designated staff car parking to accommodate all staff, not 20.


Aileen Sparrow: When you are sick, pregnant, aged or have children sick the last thing you want is a huge walk up and down the hill. There is enough room for an above ground four storey or more car park. This is a very vital necessity for the Rockhampton hospital.


AJ Dalton: Rates, taxes, medicare levy I think we pay enough.


Vicki Scott: I have to travel 4hrs with some disabled clients & the park for us is a nightmare too. There's not enough disable parking, hope they take that into consideration as well.


Nathan Emerson: The car parking situation has always been an embarrassment.


Valarie Hawkins: I would be happy to pay for parking, but I think they need some sort of discounts for people who visit often and are sick etc.