House cat ‘sexually assaulted’

Warning: Distressing content

A GOLD Coast cat is believed to have been sexually assaulted after the feline returned home with shocking injuries to his genitalia and bottom.

Nine-year-old Donkey also had internal bleeding when his distressed owner located him in a garden at their Robina home yesterday.

Donkey was taken to the vet and had lifesaving surgery.

A relative of the cat's owner has publicly spoken out about the attack in hope of catching the person responsible for hurting Donkey.

Nine-year-old Donkey was attacked in Robina. Picture: Facebook
Nine-year-old Donkey was attacked in Robina. Picture: Facebook

Kasey Vessey suspects Donkey had been "raped" by a human.

"Out vet (said) this was human activity using something to penetrate the cat's bottom," Ms Vessey said.

"They have told us that the injuries sustained are not ever seen from another animal as there would be marks on other areas of the cat from a fight.

"They also smashed his balls to pieces."

Ms Vessey said Donkey had injuries on his bottom and nowhere else.

"My mother in law found him in the garden bleeding from his bottom, that's when they rushed him to the vet," she said.

"Donkey is also desexed.

"He has had to have external stitches as well as internal and spinal X-rays."

The family had to fork out a $2000 vet bill to save Donkey and launched a GoFundMe page to help cover the cost.

The vets who treated Donkey were not able to comment.

RSPCA spokesman Michael Beatty said sexual offences against animals were not common.

"There was an alleged incident ten years involving a dog but they weren't able to prove who did it, and a case involving a horse four years ago in Ipswich," Mr Beatty said.

"I've never heard of one regarding a cat.

"It's extremely disturbing.

"If it is true, without a shadow of doubt we would be charging them with animal cruelty and police could be looking at charging them with offences such as extreme animal cruelty and even bestiality."

Donkey has extensive scarring on his backside from the surgery but is recovering well.

To donate to the family's vet bills go online to

Anyone with information should call Policelink on 131 444.