Two friends were each fined $500 for stealing a bottle of coke.
Two friends were each fined $500 for stealing a bottle of coke. David Stuart

How a $4.20 bottle of coke cost two friends $1000

SMUGGLING a $4.20 bottle of Coke out of Tinana's Foodworks store came back to bite two friends after they were each fined $500 for the offence in Maryborough Magistrates Court.

Torbanlea's Kyle David Avenell and Taylor Jade Lubinsky both appeared before the court over the theft of the bottle of coke, which was concealed in Lubinsky's handbag after they entered the business.

Both pleaded guilty to the offence, which happened on April 14.

Police prosecutor Sergeant Kath Stagoll said the incident happened about 3pm.

"The two walked out of the shop without paying," she said.

She said Avenell took part in an interview with police after the incident, adding that he had a past history of shoplifting.

Magistrate John Smith questioned Avenell, who represented himself, as to his employment.

Avenell said he was unemployed and on Newstart payments.

Mr Smith asked why he didn't get a job and Avenell said he wouldn't be eligible for Legal Aid if he got a job and he had further matters to be dealt with in Maroochydore.

Avenell said it would cost $60,000 for a lawyer without Legal Aid.

"I don't want to go to prison," he said.

"If you don't want to go to prison, don't commit offences," Mr Smith said.

"Keep your nose clean."

Avenell was fined $500 and ordered to repay $4.20 to the Foodworks store.

Lubinsky also had a second shoplifting matter to be dealt with.

The court heard the day after she stole the bottle of coke with Avenell, she went to Pandora's News, another Maryborough business, and stole two items worth a total of $64.90.

Lubinsky had previously had no criminal record, but Mr Smith said that he was concerned that the shoplifting at Foodworks and the newsagency occurred on consecutive days.

Lubinsky said she was not working and was in the process of applying for benefits.

"Ms Lubinsky why don't you get yourself a job?" Mr Smith asked.

"Then you can pay for the things you want."

Mr Smith said while Lubinsky did  not have previous criminal history, she would expose herself to a period of imprisonment if she committed further dishonesty offences.

She was fined $500 for taking the bottle of coke, $500 for the items from Pandora News and was worked to pay $64.90 in compensation.