Adam Black and Jake Miles from Evolution Solar deliver the best results.
Adam Black and Jake Miles from Evolution Solar deliver the best results. Laura Blackmore

How a good reputation brings business from afar

A GOOD reputation has led to Evolution Solar installing solar systems across the state.

Evolution Solar owner Stevan Tilley said they go as far as St George and have done jobs in Brisbane's Annerley.

According to Mr Tilley, the travel is due to both word of mouth of their services and because of loyal customers.

"People are naturally transient,” he said.

"Every five to six years people move, and even when they move away our customers tend to ring us up and ask if we're able to do their solar panels again.”

Mr Tilley said a large percentage of previous customers have asked Evolution Solar to do their systems again, whether they've moved away or remain in the region.

Mr Tilley said these customers often request the use of their solar edge product again.

"This work shows how loyal our customers are,” Mr Tilley said.

"You just don't get that loyalty without doing the right thing.”

The Evolution Solar team are a family-based team who employ locals to get the jobs done, which may also factor into their success.

"When it comes to the trades, our installer works three days a week with us and we've had him rostered on for years,” Mr Tilley said.

Mr Tilley said during their 10 years of business, they've always used the help from local electricians and tradesmen to work with them.

"The only time that we don't use a local tradesman is when we're inundated with that much that much work that we've got to bring some extra help in from out of town,” Mr Tilley said.