Nick Turner and Wayne Turner.
Nick Turner and Wayne Turner.

How father and son built successful Rocky business

AFTER years of working for someone else, father and son team Wayne and Nick Turner tried their luck at striking out on their own.

Now a couple of years later, their business, Turner Demolition and Asbestos (TDA), has proved a success.

Each day, month and week the business gets stronger, scoring more and more jobs and building a strong clientele base.

“It just clicked ‘why were we doing this’, working for someone else,” Nick said.

TDA does a lot of work with mines, government, Qbuild, schools and local builders.

“Government works are our bread and butter,” Nick said.

Some of their recent major works have included the demolition of the Sizzler building at Stockland and the old TCC residential building on Upper Dawson Rd.

Working with schools means they work through the Christmas holidays to get work done, as they are limited to working while there are no students.

Dad Wayne has more than 30 years experience in the demolition game.

Back when he first started there were no safety rules in place and asbestos was everywhere.

“Those days you used to climb up a ladder to go on a roof and you had nothing,” Wayne said.

“We would do 150 houses a year with asbestos but it’s slowing down now.”

Asbestos removal training is a field the pair would like to explore in the future.

Over the years through working in the region and doing a lot of makesafes, the pair has found there is a lot of miseducation around asbestos and how to treat it.

“There are a lot of people, especially residents, they are pulling up a lot of stuff they shouldn’t be in,” Nick said.

“In Rocky alone there isn’t a lot of training for asbestos awareness.”

There were a lot of old wives tales about to how to test for asbestos, Nick said.

The burn test is most commonly used which Nick assures is definitely not accurate.

The risk of contamination if asbestos if not removed ­correctly is very high so people need to know what they are doing.

“We aren’t here to rip people off, with asbestos some businesses can scare a lot of people, and say you need to get this done,” he said.

“That is not the case, if you aren’t doing anything with it you don’t have to touch it if it’s in a stable state.

“It is not going to kill you if you do the right thing by it.”


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