SOME might say the most pressure someone could experience in life would be trying to survive a CrossFit class without passing out. Others might say it would be trying to commit to some sort of diet for a solid few months.

But turning on your television to Masterchef and watching those talented home cooks whip up a dish out of nowhere, is hands down, the biggest pressure of all. TBH we get sweaty hands just by watching them.

However, those home cooks who are crazy enough to voluntarily put themselves through all that pain, aren't the only ones we watch in amazement.

It's in fact, the three poor judges. Okay, let me define poor: poor as in, how do they manage to resist scraping every plate of food they're served? And how in the world do they manage to not gain hundreds of kilos every season from eating hundreds of dishes? How, how and how?


According to George Calombaris, it takes a lot more discipline than you think: "I can never resist! I'm addicted to great food."

Although the Swisse ambassador can't resist on camera, he can certainly restraint from digging into rich, carb-loaded foods off-camera.

Since they eat "numerous dished on set," "additional meals aren't necessary", and he instead, opts for "loads of green apples and loads of peppermint tea."


To take healthy to the next level, he also eats bolognese…wait for it - without the pasta. *gasp*

"I love eating a simple bolognese without the pasta, loaded with vegetables that you can eat out of a bowl."

So does this mean zoodles aren't the biggest healthy cooking sin ever to be invented? And is cauliflower pizza actually pizza?

To top things off, he also sweats off all those green apples (and the many other not-so-healthy foods he devours on the set of Masterchef), by hitting up the gym with three PT sessions a week, which George admits his PT "is the only human being who can get away with yelling at me."

Although he definitely doesn't carry the same lack of disciple as us when it comes to sweating it out voluntarily (hello unused gym membership) and resisting from gorging in food at first sight, the guy just can't resist when it comes to one particular food - ice-cream.

"Once I start, I can't stop." TBH he could probs just ask his PT to make him work harder in one session and he'll sweat it all off.

And his top tips for keeping healthy and happy this winter?

"Dress appropriately! And continue taking incredible Swisse products; Vitamin D, Men's Ultivite, Spirulina and Probiotics."

He also says to train three times a week, but hey, we didn't hear that part….okay, okay, yes Chef, we did.

This article originally appeared on Body + Soul and has been republished with permission.