NAME CHANGE: A Cherbourg man came unstuck when he provided police with a false name.
NAME CHANGE: A Cherbourg man came unstuck when he provided police with a false name.

How giving a false name backfired for this motorist

IF YOU are going to give a false name to police, you should first check the person you are pretending to be is not also in trouble with the law.

This sound advice would have served Cherbourg resident Derek Jerome well when he was pulled over for speeding last month.

Jerome, 26, was in Murgon Magistrates Court this week, charged with giving police a false name and driving without a licence.

On February 14, Jerome was pulled over by police for speeding on Cherbourg Rd, Cherbourg.

When asked for his details, he provided a false name.

Police checks revealed the person he nominated was actually a disqualified driver.

This is the second time the 26-year-old has been in court for unlicensed driving charges this year.

According to defence lawyer Margaret Crowther, Jerome is currently working casually doing lawn mowing and shows remorse for his actions.

"He now apologises, he should have taken responsibility and not given a false name,” she said.

Jerome was charged $400 for providing a false name to police and a further $400 for driving unlicensed.

"You now have an $800 fine for your troubles,” Magistrate Pink said.

"There may have been a time when you could give a false name to police and get away with it.

"These days with fingerprints, electronic everything, photographs, recording CCTV and body warmth cameras, the prospects of getting away with it I would've thought would be very slim.”

Pink reminded the defendant that driving was a privilege and he would 'have to go and do what everyone else has to do to get a license'.

"You have a relatively limited traffic history, you shouldn't have any because you haven't got a licence,” Pink said.