How notorious pedophile will be watched around the clock


Psychopathic pedophile Douglas Jackway will have his every move watched for the next 15 years, with corrections staff monitoring what magazines he reads, the friends he makes and how he gets groceries.

Jackway is subject to 50 conditions as part of his release from prison with a court ruling that while he is a serious danger to the community, the risks can be mitigated with the strict supervision order.

Jackway, 44, who has spent most of his adult life in prison and was a one-time prime suspect in the disappearance of Daniel Morcombe, was controversially released from jail this week on a 15-year supervision order.

The order, viewed by The Courier-Mail, includes about 50 conditions he must abide by including that he inform a corrective services officer of his movements, including if he attempts to change his name and details of any vehicle he buys, borrows or hires.

The order states a CSO has the power to impose a curfew but does not indicate whether Jackway was in fact subject to any curfew upon his release.

"You must get written permission from a Corrective Services officer before you are allowed to start a job, start studying or start volunteer work," the order reads.

"If a corrective services officer tells you to stop working or studying you must obey what they tell you."


Brian Douglas Jackway in 2003
Brian Douglas Jackway in 2003


Other conditions of his supervised release order include that he can only own or have in his possession one phone and must allow a CSO to have the password and access it and all its contents.

Jackway spent time in prison for abducting a young boy who was out riding his bicycle.

He drove the little boy to a secluded spot and sexually assaulted him.

The dangerous sex offender was also convicted of raping a little girl and was described by one corrections officer as the worst inmate he'd seen.

Jackway will be forced to get written permission before he can use a computer or access the internet and will need to provide details and passwords of any email addresses and social networking sites he uses.

"You are not allowed to go to pubs, clubs, hotels or nightclubs which are licensed to supply or serve alcohol," the release order says.

"If you want to go to one of these places you must first get written permission from a corrective services officer."

Other conditions of his release include that he must report any medicines to officers, he must see any health professional he is ordered to and must outline his plans for each week with a CSO.

He will be required to report any new people he meets in person, at work and online and is not allowed to have contact with children under 16 without written permission.

"You must not collect photos, videos, magazines which have images of children in them without prior approval of a CSO," the order states.

He will also be banned from visiting schools, childcare centres, public parks, shopping centres or joining clubs in which children are involved.

The order expires in December 2035.




Originally published as How notorious pedophile will be watched around the clock