HEALTH: Owner Jacqui Trace has started a weight-loss challenge at Bill Hull Car Centre.
HEALTH: Owner Jacqui Trace has started a weight-loss challenge at Bill Hull Car Centre. Michael Nolan

How the team at Bill Hull are keeping fit this month

MANY businesses in the community are making sure to be mindful of August's Tradies Health Month.

One business in particular is Bill Hull Car Centre, which is keeping their staff active with a voluntary weight-loss challenge.

According to Bill Hull Car Centre general manager Kathy McMurdy, their challenge started with a weigh-in on August 1, and will continue until Friday, August 30.

Ms McMurdy said Bill Hull Car Centre owner Jacqui Trace was the brains behind the weight-loss challenge, after feeling like she needed to make a personal change.

There will be a weigh-in every week to keep people motivated, and according to Ms McMurdy, the winner will be the person who has lost the most weight or became the most toned at the end of the competition.

The first prize winner will receive $250 and the runner-up will receive $100.

"Most of our technicians have come on board along with a lot of the inside staff," she said.

"Over half the company staff will be joining in, so it has been a very well received idea."

According to Ms McMurdy, they will be doing a range of activities each week, from Tuesday to Friday, to improve and encourage the participants to keep active.

These activities will include walking, HIIT sessions and more.

Ms McMurdy also said they're focussing on what people are eating in the workplace, offering staff a program to encourage healthy eating.

"Posters will also be going up around the workplace to show how much sugar is in certain foods," she said.

"We often talk about the sugar levels in our meals during lunchtime, which is often a very eye-opening experience. Even without the challenge, we like to have people bring in healthy meals for their lunches.

"This challenge is going to be very educational for everyone participating."