The Maidenwell Country Muster is safe enough for you to bring your kids.
The Maidenwell Country Muster is safe enough for you to bring your kids. Contributed

How they're keeping the new Country Muster safe

THE MAIDENWELL Country Muster organisers are doing all they can to make the event run as smoothly and safely as possible.

Organisers Nigel Squibb and John Whitley have gone to the efforts to bring in the same level of security as any other music muster or festival.

"It's all about having the high police presence and up-to-scale security. The event venue is licenced and there will also be bag checks upon entry,” Mr Squibb said.

The event is safe enough for attendees to bring their kids, and fortunately for families, children under 12 have free entry.

As it is a licenced venue, Mr Squibb said it's not a bring-your-own event.

This includes both food and drinks, including non-alcoholic.

However, this safety measure won't leave you thirsty, Mr Squibb said, there is going to be plenty of free water available on site.

Parking for the event will be available in a paddock off Bunya Mountain road, with the aim to limit any traffic congestions.

No street-side parking will be allowed under council rules and guidelines.

If you're one of the many keen campers, you'll be pleased to know that the work has already begun on the site so that you can get in early.

"The recreation grounds will be closed a fortnight on the lead up to get it ready, and it will be open hopefully a week before, weather permitting,” Mr Squibb said.

"People will be arriving from the muster over that long weekend, so there is going to be a lot of movement around the area. People can get in camping from Tuesday, May 7.”

The main Maidenwell Country Muster will be held on Saturday, May 11, and will have an encore breakfast spanning over to May 12.

Be sure to buy your tickets online for an early bird's discount.