KNOWLEDGE: Terena Staib talks about overcoming barriers at the Burnett Inland's Women in Ag Day in Durong on March 3.
KNOWLEDGE: Terena Staib talks about overcoming barriers at the Burnett Inland's Women in Ag Day in Durong on March 3. Jessica McGrath

How this small business overcame rural barriers

RURAL small business owners face a unique set of barriers to success.

Australian Naturals Online owner Terena Staib told the women, at the Burnett Inland Women in Agriculture Day on March 3 in Durong, success comes in different ways.

"In taking that leap and doing it, the learning experience, whether it's success or failure is huge," she said.

The Coalstoun Lakes based business owner said it was important to trust the journey to the success.

The former teacher who had taught in the South Burnett for more than 10 years and was the Tingoora State School principal said it was important to have the mental space to start up a business.

"In having my first child I was home, by myself, all day," Mrs Staib said.

"Having a small child you're flat out all day, but mentally you are doing things like changing and feeding, you've got a lot of time to think, in having that mental space."

Mrs Staib started looking online for natural products.

"Living at home with a newborn and in a rural community, I couldn't get the things I wanted," she said.

She told her husband how much easier it would be if people could find all of the Australian made natural products in the one place.

"Family and friends jumping on board and being interested in what you're doing really helps," Mrs Staib said.

Living in a rural community raised a few unique challenges such as having access to limited postage and delivery services.

"It's nothing major, but it's something you wouldn't encounter if you lived in the city," she said.

However, today's technology provides unique opportunities such as working with people in places like New Zealand.

"The world is so open now, you can use tools to have access to people in another town, city or country," Mrs Staib said.

Mrs Staib said it was important to prioritise time and make use of the resources available to rural businesses such as BIEDO, small business grants and the Red Earth Community Foundation.

Through these personal and professional development courses, she learned it is okay for a small business to change direction.

"It was more about empowering women and connecting with other professionals who are doing amazing things," she said.

Mrs Staib has started hosting empowering events for women in addition to her online business.

The greatest success is learning, enquiring new skills and finding new passions.

"There are other interests and passions, when things come up don't be afraid to take it on," she said.