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Finding happiness in 2016 by the Moon and stars

WHILE your Sun signs will describe your self, your motivation and your core being, including behavioural traits, talents, likes and dislikes, your Moon's North Node sign will tell you what will make you truly happy in life; how you'll feel fulfilled; where in life you can play to your strengths.

Find out more about how to be happy in 2016 by looking up your North Node, using it to refer to the horoscopes below.


To find happiness, balance your own projects with the needs of those you love in 2016 - more so than usual. Be decisive, even in the face of having to weigh your options carefully. 2016 is all about juggling priorities and duties. Avoid: procrastination; trust your instincts and make those tough calls because being courageous is, after all, how you excel.

Talents: Innovation, mediation.

Potential pitfalls: Procrastination, insecurity.

Challenge: Step into new realms; new collaborations, new creative ventures.

Affirmation: I am sure of myself and act decisively.


You'll find happiness in 2016 by planning for more stability and security in your life, especially at home, regarding property or family. 2016 is largely about being prepared to share resources, space and even money with the people you love or must share with. Also, it's time to conjure some truly ideal circumstances for yourself: start being inspired now.

Talents: Creativity, pragmatism.

Potential pitfalls: Secrecy, being domineering, manipulative.

Challenge: Create an island of true calm in your life.

Affirmation: My dreams will come true.



You'll learn how to fulfil your potential in 2016. Communication skills will always be a talent, but in 2016, you're talking relationships: who you're destined to be with; and who you're destined to appear to be in other people's eyes. Being the go-between or the balance between two groups or two ideas will prove fulfilling. Get set to sparkle, glitz and glimmer, 2016, here you come.

Talents: Networking, courage, mimicry.

Potential pitfalls: Overwork, nervous exhaustion.

Challenge: To be true to your beliefs.

Affirmation: I speak the truth and serve my higher purpose.



While you'll feel truly fulfilled being involved with family, property or domestic matters, you do have financial and business acumen, and 2016 will see you in your element when you take finances in hand and learn new and exciting ways to progress in material terms. This is your year to express your values in tangible terms, so let your actions speak for you.

Talents: Understanding, nurturing.

Potential pitfalls: Lacking in self-esteem, co-dependence.

Challenge: To self-nurture, to trust your power.

Affirmation: My projects are successful.



Yours is the sign of independence and vitality, but your dynamism can sometimes be mistaken for selfishness.

So three cheers for 2016, as everyone will be happy with your renewed investment in the people you love, and creating an ideal life with them.

The potential pitfall will be that you glamorise either their, or your own, circumstances and also your tendency to be overtly self-critical.

Talents: Goal-setting, generosity, setting a good example.

Potential pitfalls: Being judgmental, lacking in trust.

Challenge: To lead from the heart, and follow on with your mind.

Affirmation: I accept and honour myself and others.


You'll find true happiness in 2016 by investing in yourself, in your ideas, spirituality, gifts and all-round greatness. Does that sound egotistical? Not in your case, because you're an altruist at heart. And, in 2016, you'll feel truly inspired to be guided by your ideas to build something concrete and stable, something you can be proud of. Trust that you can, and you will.

Talents: Building something out of nothing, inspiration, imagination.

Potential pitfalls: Idealism, criticism, naivety.

Challenge: To balance ideals with practicalities.

Affirmation: The world is more beautiful the more clearly I see it.


2016 will bring happiness your way when you truly turn a new leaf, and leave an aspect of your past behind that may include work, your daily routine, a health worry, or a belief system that no longer supports your purpose in life. It's time to assert yourself, speak from your heart and to rise out from behind a concept that no longer suits you.

Talents: Art, diplomacy, seeking justice.

Potential pitfalls: Self-doubt, powerful empathy that blurs lines.

Challenge: To be bold and independent in 2016.

Affirmation: Happiness comes from the heart.


You'll feel a sense of accomplishment and fulfilment in 2016 by feeling you belong to a particular group, that you've found your place in life, and a sense of belonging. There may be some illusions to dispel this year, beginning with your approach to money and self-esteem. Boost your self-esteem, and your finances will follow suit.

Talents: Self-expression, instinct, enabling.

Potential pitfalls: Co-dependence, passive-aggression.

Challenge: To believe in your own power and charisma.

Affirmation: I believe in myself.


You'll find fulfilment and happiness by pursuing your true interests within your career, pastimes or status this year, as the process will stimulate your abilities to excel. It's vital for this reason you avoid dissipating energy in frivolities, but remember nevertheless to take breaks and enjoy yourself, too. Above all in 2016, you must remain true to yourself to be truly happy.

Talents: Research, disseminating facts, teaching.

Potential pitfalls: Restlessness, frivolities, peer pressure.

Challenge: Focus on your aims, and aim high.

Affirmation: I am true to myself.


Adventure will feed your soul in 2016, so get busy with those plans, projects and fun activities you've always wanted to do but felt you never had the time to organise, let alone enjoy. 2016 is your big chance to fulfil a dream. Avoid feeling you'll let people down; you'll be able to look after everyone all the better when you're happy yourself.

Talents: Taking the lead, dependability.

Potential pitfalls: Demanding, cold, aloof, easily influenced.

Challenge: To realise you are strong and a nurturing guide.

Affirmation: I attain my goals because I care.


You'll gain a sense of contentment in 2016 by being ready to meet new people, to collaborate, potentially also to change the way you share resources, such as duties or money. It's a case of mixing your innovative mindset with a sense of realism; to be willing to fabricate your own destiny in practical steps - and never to be limited by circumstance.

Talents: Creativity, innovation, good communication skills.

Potential pitfalls: Inconsistency, rebelliousness, egotism.

Challenge: To recognise you are supported.

Affirmation: Let's build something new together.


2016 is all about finding happiness through relationships, getting real about making commitments and bringing inspiration into your everyday life, particularly work or health. The humdrum needn't characterise your year; it's time for innovation, inspiration and a touch of magic. You could even make a dream come true this year, beginning now.

Talents: Vision, inventiveness, writing.

Potential pitfalls: Idealism, martyr-like tendencies.

Challenge: To implement inspired ideas.

Affirmation: I choose my reactions in life.

Patsy Bennett is the author of Astrology: Secrets of the Moon; your guide to happiness and fulfilment. Available at all good book stores and online at Rockpool Publishing and Amazon.