Regular cleaning helps avoid tooth decay.
Regular cleaning helps avoid tooth decay. Thinkstock Images

How to know if you need braces

THERE are many reasons for why people get braces.

For many people, it's because of wanting to correct the crowding of your teeth because of the appearance of a smile, but there are also many medical reasons.

According to Very Well Health, people can fit into three classes.

Class I may have crowding or spacing present, Class II is the category for an overbite, while Class III is the category for an under bite.

Crowding can cause issues with tooth decay, as it can stop teeth being brushed properly.

Very Well Health also states that misaligned teeth can also cause speech impediments, jaw pain, sleep apnoea and more.

According to Kids Health, braces work by putting a steady pressure on your teeth to gradually move them into a straighter position.

There are many different kinds of braces, to suit many different budgets or preferences.

A common type are metal braces, while there then can be lingual braces, Invisalign or incognito braces, ceramic braces and more.

While there are many different options for braces, it's important to discuss with your local orthodontist about what would suit you and your situation best, which will take place in your initial appointment.

If you don't know whether you or your family member needs orthodontic treatment, contact your local orthodontist for more information.