Are you having issues with fencing disputes?
Are you having issues with fencing disputes?

How to resolve a fencing dispute

WHEN you build a new fence, while it is at your own home, sometimes you have to be cautious of the way you go about it for your neighbours.

As conflicts are quite common when fence building, the Queensland Government has their own section on tree and fence disputes to help people know their rights.

According to the Government, common disputes can revolve around costs to install or repair, the style of fence, fence alignment, or even damaging or demolishing the fence that was installed.

To resolve the disputes, there are some steps on the Queensland Government website you might want to follow.

Firstly, it's important to know the rules, found on the Neighbourhood Disputes (Dividing Fences and Trees) Act 2011.

The act covers the requirements when it comes to co-ownership, fence implementation and fence destruction.

The second step involves talking to your neighbour about the decision to build a fence and making time to discuss any problems that may arise.

If an agreement comes into play, the third step involves writing it down on paper.

If a disagreement occurs, in step four, the Queensland Government advise you to begin seeking legal advice from that point onwards, before step five brings mediation into play.

If no positive solution or compromise takes place during this time period, the final step advises you to resolve your dispute with the Queensland Civil and Administrative Tribunal.