DONE UP: The get up of a rurosexual
DONE UP: The get up of a rurosexual Renee Pilcher

How to spot a rurosexual at 10 paces

ARE you a young male who enjoys rocking a sweet pair of RM moleskins and a well fitted chambray shirt?

Do you use personal grooming products such as Kingbrown wax or a tobacco scented beard oil?

Do you reside on a 500 square metre block near the  CBD but look like you are a budding Northern Territory cattle baron?

Well if you answered yes to any of the above, congratulations, you are a rurosexual.

Not to be confused with the metrosexual of the early 2000s, the rurosexual does have some connection to the country.

They may have taken an Ag class at school, or their best mate might own a Drizabone. Whatever their connection to the land is, the rurosexual is easily identifiable.

It is important for Muster goers to recognise the rurosexual because not only will they not be able to help you identify the lyrics to any country music songs, (despite their appearance) they also won't be able to give you a hand to fix a fence or muster cattle.

So to help identify this rare species of male, we have put together a comprehensive list of signs you need to watch out for.

  1. The rurosexual will refuse to wear head wear of any kind. This includes an Akubra, Bullzeye cap or any variation thereof. You do not get a $90 hair cut in your lunch hour at a prestigious Brisbane law firm to ruin it with a hat.
  2. The rurosexual will be wearing either a well fitted or tight pastel coloured RM Williams shirt to show off his well sculpted body that he has achieved in the gym, not wrestling cows or carrying stuff heavier than his Chanel man bag.
  3. He will definitely be wearing RM moleskins that will be one size smaller than he should be wearing with pristine brown RM Williams boots that his accountant dad got him for Christmas.

If you are a young man considering adopting this look, we would urge you not to.

There are actual cowboys out there who are pretty tough and if you don't know the different between a bull and a cow you might be in trouble.