ARRIVE ALIVE: Shine Lawyers' Queensland general manager and transport law expert Peter Gibson.
ARRIVE ALIVE: Shine Lawyers' Queensland general manager and transport law expert Peter Gibson. Contributed

How you can help save lives this Christmas season

SOMETHING as simple as ignoring one text message could save a life.

By leaving the phone alone and keeping your eyes on the road, motorists can save families the heartbreak of a fatal traffic crash.

It's a message backed by one of the state's leading law firms which has launched its road safety message to help keep families together this Christmas.

Shine Lawyers' transport law expert Peter Gibson said he saw one constant across all cases the firm represented in relation to traffic and road crashes.

"The injury could have been prevented if people observed the road rules and remembered that on the other side of the road is a human whose life isn't just important to him or herself, but whose life matters to an entire family."

The Christmas school holiday is a notoriously busy period on the roads, with already too many lives lost in traffic crashes since January.


Accident map provided by Shine Lawyers.


The official Queensland road toll for 2016 was yesterday at 236 deaths, up three for the same time period last year.

Mr Gibson that was far too many.

"Every life lost on the roads is a tragedy and one that not only destroys the life of the victim, but also the families who experience loss, grief and financial burden as a result of negligence on the road," he said.

"As a father, a road-user and as a solicitor, hearing the annual road toll is devastating.

"We're seeing broken families come through our doors too regularly; people who've lost loved ones and people whose lives have been irrevocably changed by the disasters we see on the road."

In coming editions, The Chronicle will tell the stories of crash survivors - the heartbreaking stories of those who know first-hand the pains of losing a loved one because of the actions of another person not paying attention.

They will recall the physical pain they live with every day as a result of being hit by a driver who broke the law, in an effort to highlight the ongoing trauma road traffic crash survivors and victims endure.