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HUGE GALLERY: Life on South Burnett farms

9th July 2019 9:17 AM
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GROWING up on the farm is a unique experience with many different animals to interact with.

Many farming families grow close bonds with their farm animals and share cuddles, adventures and even story-time with some of their favourites.

Our South Burnett Times readers gave us a glimpse into their lives on the farm with their favourite snapshots of their animals.

They shared the moments a horse posed for the camera, a relaxed calf as it rested in the shade, the frenzy at meal times and an escapee enjoying a mud puddle.

The photos showed the special friendships some South Burnett children have with the animals as they get up close, go for horse rides or enjoy an afternoon in the paddock together.

Check out this huge photo gallery of the South Burnett farm animals below:


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