Chris Wilson, owner of The Gympie Jungle, is selling up to spend more time with her family.
Chris Wilson, owner of The Gympie Jungle, is selling up to spend more time with her family. Donna Jones

'I don't think kids play enough'

"I NEED to spend more time with my kids," Chris Wilson, owner of the Gympie Jungle said when asked why she was looking to sell up.

Chris (who has a background in teaching) and husband Phil started the Gympie Jungle up in November 2015 because Chris said it was what she wanted for Gympie.

"I don't think kids play enough," she said.

"There are so many excuses for why they can't play. The park is too sunny or it's too wet or it's too far away. That's why we built the Jungle.

"The Jungle is a place where people can meet up and make friendships. Not just adults but kids too. It's incredible to see two kids who have never met become best friends by the end of the day. The Jungle can create a world of imagination for them," she said.


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And after two years of being a hub of funtime and play, Chris and Phil are ready to move onto their next adventure.

"Gympie has really supported it. We've got an awful lot out of it. It took a lot to set it up and get it successful, but we're getting a bit stale now. It would be great if a new person, with fresh ideas would come and take it on. It'd be ideal for someone with a young family who knows what young mums are wanting," Mrs Wilson said.

There has already been a great deal of interest in the venture and a couple of really keen potentials.

"We've had quite a lot of interest with more than 40 contacts," she said.

While the couple are looking for around $220,000, Chris said she is willing to consider all genuine offers because she wants to see the business continue.

"I want someone to make money straight up. I want it to stay alive and them to be happy with their purchase," she said.

School holidays are the peak times for business at the all-weather play centre and cafe, and Chris is hoping whoever buys it, gets in during the busy times, to prepare for the off-season when school goes back.

That will also give her a chance to pursue her new dream.

"I don't want to be busy on weekends anymore. There are other areas I want to explore and I'd love to work overseas at some stage, and I want to be able to spend more time with my kids," she said.

If you are interested in making an offer contact Chris through the Facebook page for the Gympie Jungle or call the cafe during business hours on 5481 1290.