‘I DONUT BELIEVE IT’ Martoo’s doughnut giveaways to finish

FOR 33 weeks Damien Martoo has been bringing smiles to the faces of people across the South Burnett through his ‘Donut Make Me Wait Another Day’ campaign.

Every Friday Mr Martoo has delivered fresh doughnuts to deserving businesses across the region in an effort to shine a light on local business.

Mr Martoo said it all started as a way to give back to the people who give so much to the region.

“I was just talking to Doughnut King one day about how we could do something for all of the businesses in the region and we came up with the idea of delivering doughnuts,” Mr Martoo said.

“It started off as just a bit of a giveaway but it really led to something so much bigger and it eventually became a platform for local businesses to tell the community what they have been doing.

“It was also an opportunity to put a face to businesses that a lot of people new about but might not have ever had anything to do with.”

This weeks marks the last week of the doughnut giveaway, however Mr Martoo said he will continue to work with Doughnut King in the future.

Mr Martoo said what started out as a bit of fun turned into quite the competition.

“If I saw someone around town who had nominated they would say where are my bloody doughnuts, it became a fierce competition,” he said.

“We had one girl who nominated her aunt and step mum 28 weeks out of the 33 before getting doughnuts.

“With such a long drought and COVID, business people in the region have been doing it so tough, so the giveaways were a great way to do something positive.

“Doing the giveaways and spending five minutes with businesses each week would boost morale and I believe leave people happy heading into the weekend.

“They say a smile is infectious, well so are doughnuts.”

To be in the running for the last week of ‘Donut Make Me Wait Another Day’ jump on to the Martoo Review Facebook page and nominate a person you think deserving of the final week of doughnut giveaways.