I dope believe you sold weed to teen: Judge

SELLING marijuana to a 14-year-old was a stupid idea, Cunnamulla woman Amanda Maree Hooper was told in no uncertain terms.

"It is the adult that has the responsibility to ensure that children are protected from themselves," Justice David Boddice told her on Friday.

Hooper, who is in her 40s, supplied marijuana 14 times over 26 days to 10 people.

Brisbane Supreme Court heard she could have faced more serious charges.

"There are people charged with trafficking for less supply than that," Justice Boddice said.

But there was no suggestion Hooper sold marijuana in order to "corrupt" the child, the judge added.

Hooper was 41 when she was arrested as part of an enormous police operation in early 2016.

That operation netted 27 people, about 1.5% of Cunnamulla's population.

"You have taken steps since these offences to address the use of drugs," Justice Boddice said.

"There is some evidence that to date that has been successful."

Hooper had already spent about two months in custody and was sentenced on two drug supply charges.

The fact she twice provided drugs to a person younger than 16 meant one of her charges was of aggravated supply.

The court heard Hooper had no significant criminal history.

Apart from the two months for the recent offences, she had never spent any time in custody.

Justice Boddice decided Hooper's sentence should be at most 14 months in jail and immediately released her on parole.