WOODCHOPPING CHAMP: Blackbutt's Mitch Argent loves the opportunity to compete in his town's show.
WOODCHOPPING CHAMP: Blackbutt's Mitch Argent loves the opportunity to compete in his town's show. Madeline Grace

'I had an axe in my hand before I could even walk'

THE Blackbutt Show is known for its woodchopping events and is home to world champion Mitch Argent, who competed in the show this year.

Argent claimed second place in the championship final and won the Russell Bidgood Memorial Championship.

"It was a pretty good day,” Argent said.

The champion axeman said he'd been interested in the sport for as long as he could remember.

"I reckon I had an axe in my hand before I could even walk,” he said.

"I've been competing since I was about 13 years old.”

Argent is well known for winning the woodchop world title two years in a row.

"I will always still compete at the Blackbutt Show,” he said.

"I still live here and it's my hometown. I really love it here and I love competing here.

"It's good to be here in Blackbutt with all of my friends and family to support me.”

Argent said there was a healthy amount of competition at the Blackbutt Show.

"There was probably the top six guys in Queensland competing here today,” he said.

"We had Kody Steers from Tasmania, who beat me. He'd be in the top three choppers in the world.

"It's always a tough time when I'm up against him.”

Woodchop at the Blackbutt Show.
Competitors in action at Blackbutt. Madeline Grace

The Blackbutt Show holds a special place in Argent's heart because it provided an opportunity to celebrate his local community.

"The show is a great chance for us all to get out and celebrate what we have here,” he said.

"It's always a real good time.

"I get to see people I haven't seen too much of, catch up with the locals, and then finish the night with a few drinks with my mates.”

The woodchopping champion also works as a builder in the South Burnett.

"I'm pretty lucky that my work is flexible and good about me having time off to go and compete,” he said.

"I'm very grateful for everyone's support.”


375mm U/H Qld Championship Title: First Kody Steers, second Mitch Argent, third J. Dingle, fourth J. Head.

250mm S/B Handicap: First A. Jones, second B. Smith, third : F. Smith.

275mm U/H Handicap: First place: B. Smith, second place: A. Jones, third place: D. Dingle.

300mm S/B Handicap: First place: Jim Head, second place: Archie Beautel, third place: Mitch Argent.

300mm Tree Handicap: First place: B. Wagner, second place: J. Adamson, third place: K. Hewitt.

300mm Tree Handicap: First place: J. Dingle, second place: W. Brook, third place: J. Argent.

300mm S/B Championship Russell Bidgood Memorial: First place: Mitch Argent, second place: J. Dingle, third place: J. Head.

300mm S/B Hard Hitting (soft wood): First place: J. Dingle, second place: J. Argent, third place: Mitch Argent.

275mm S/B Veterans Handicap: First place: P. Campbell, second place: K. Hewitt, third place: C. Wagner.

Double Handed Sawing Handicap: First place: J. Argent & J. Vievers, second place: B. Aldridge & L. Hewitt, third place: T & A Willinson.

Double Handing Sawing Championship: First place: Mitch & J. Argent, second place: P. Campbell & Kody Steers, third place: J. Head & D. Campbell.