A FULL moon isn't expected until Monday evening, but unsuspecting motorists on the Sunshine Motorway last night received a rude preview of what they can expect.

Dashcam footage taken by Glenfields resident Scott Payne revealed two men mooning passers-by on the Mooloolaba exit shortly after 8pm.

Scott and his family were returning home from a night out when they spotted two cheeky men with their pants around their ankles. Only one man is visible in the video, the other was further back from the road.

"They were mooning every single car," Mr Payne said.

"My son only just turned 15 and he was getting the parental lecture about being a responsible driver.

"The next minute we see these guys on the side of the road."

A full moon spotted on Sunshine Motorway.
A full moon spotted on Sunshine Motorway.

Mr Payne's reaction to the incident makes for funny viewing, later exclaiming "He was brown-eyeing all the cars!"

However, the Payne family don't tend to take these types of incidents too seriously.

"You probably can't hear it in the footage but my son Daniel said 'I hope he wiped'," Mr Payne laughed.

"He said maybe we should 'get a fire hose', that'll clean him up.

"You have to take these things lightheartedly."