'I LOVE CHALLENGES': Melissa Anning completed her first 5km parkrun in her wheelchair.
'I LOVE CHALLENGES': Melissa Anning completed her first 5km parkrun in her wheelchair. Matt Collins

'I love challenges': Amputee takes on Wondai parkrun

SINCE having her left leg amputated 13 years ago, Murgon's Melissa Anning woman has proven nothing will get in the way of her achieving her goals.

Not one to shy away from a challenge, Anning rolled up to the starting line for Wondai's 5km parkrun on Saturday, joining about 100 other competitors in the event.

But unlike the majority of the competitors, this was Anning's first parkrun.

"I just did it for the fun,” she said.

Anning and a close friend braved the chilly morning air together, but Anning made it very clear she didn't want any help.

"I wouldn't let her push,” she said.

Anning's lower leg amputation was due to severe infections, which also left her with very little use of her left arm.

"You work with what you got,” she said.

"I just don't use my left hand.”

And while she may have some extra challenges, she is determined to get the most out of life.

"I taught myself how to swim properly with one leg,” Anning said.

"Now I can do 2.5 to 3km in one hour.

"I love sport and going to the gym.”

Interestingly, Anning's competitive nature didn't really kick in until after her lower leg amputation.

"I used to like sport, but not like this,” she said.

"I like to challenge myself more now.

"I actually have a stronger mindset now than I did before.”

Her next big goal is to match it with the best in the world.

"I'm looking at getting into paralympic sports,” she said.

After completing the 5km parkrun in her wheelchair, Anning was going to attempt another challenge in the all-abilities race.

"I'll probably try and do the 1km with my leg on,” she said.

When asked if she would line up for the 5km parkrun event in her wheelchair again, Anning remained optimistic.

"I'll probably do it again, I love challenges,” she said.