Joan Crumpton holding her dad's trophy.
Joan Crumpton holding her dad's trophy. Deidre Amos

'I love the country': G Crumpton and Sons' history

THE HISTORY of Kingaroy is not only valuable to our visitors, but also to our businesses who have prospered over generations.

Joan Crumpton of G Crumpton & Sons & Co provides insight into her life and her family history of growing and processing peanuts.

"I was born in Kingaroy. My family ancestors were pioneers of the Home Creek-Wooroolin area. My grandparents grew peanuts when everything was done manually.

"In those days, horse drawn or tractor drawn cutters would loosen the peanuts in the ground and then gangs of men would come along and physically pull the bush out of the ground," she said.

Mrs Crumpton learned the art of picking and chipping peanuts from her father, Frank Stumer.

"One of my most treasured possessions is my late father's Ambulance Cup Trophy, for winning the Peanut Picking and Stooking 1-mile Championship of Queensland, when he was 17-years-old back in 1936.

"I was taught by my father how to chip peanuts and loved being out in the paddock with my dad chipping. Years later I loved teaching and chipping peanuts with my boys, Sonie and Darren," she said.

While teaching her children, Mrs Crumpton has made sure to adapt to the current technology available.

"Times have changed since then. There is a piece of machinery for everything now, even self-propelled thrashers. Over the decades the Crumpton family have always embraced change and new technology," she said.

With such rich heritage in this town, Mrs Crumpton would never consider moving away.

"The South Burnett has always been home to me. To this day, I have no desire to leave it or our farming lifestyle and I have only ever wanted to be a country girl.

"I love the feel of the country and the sense of belonging. The people are different, they are kinder, friendlier and we stick together," she said.

Being active members of the South Burnett community is very important to the entire Crumpton family.

"I've always been involved in the community, including participating in school organisations, sporting clubs and church fellowship. Now that my husband John and I have grandchildren, we mainly sponsor organisations in the community. In particular, local junior sports clubs.

"I feel sport is very important for children to be involved in. We like to see the younger generation outside in the sunshine, being fit and healthy, working in a team and making friends for life.

"I am definitely Town Proud, and hopefully one day, the younger generation will grow up to be Town Proud too," Mrs Crumpton said.

This is a paid editorial written as part of our Town Proud campaign.