Hanna Marsden at her unit.
Hanna Marsden at her unit. Tony Martin

Ice fuelled man asks to buy woman's underwear

SHE turned around in her kitchen to find an ice fuelled man standing in the doorway, who then asked to pay her for her used underwear.

It was a frightening and bizarre encounter for South Mackay 31-year-old Hannah Marsden, when she was cooking at her unit one afternoon.

She said she was in so much shock she didn't know what to do, and tried to move toward the doorway to stop the man from entering her home.

"He looked in his mid twenties, at first when I turned around I thought it must have been a neighbour needing milk or sugar, maybe a phone," the young bartender said.

"I was like 'hey mate what's up', and he was just standing there strangely holding out this $20 note really fidgety.

"And he just spoke really fast and was like 'here's $20 can I buy your undies?' being fully serious.

"I was in so much shock I just looked at him and was like 'did you just ask me for my underwear?"

Ms Marsden was frozen trying to comprehend the situation and concerned he was going to come inside.

"He stayed standing there and was just said yes, then I think he just saw the look on my face and it must have clicked," she said.

"He was like 'sorry I'm really really high right now'.

"Once he said that I just took another step forward trying to get in the way a bit so he couldn't come in, luckily he was quite small so if I had to punch on I felt like I could win, if he was any bigger it would have honestly been terrifying."


Hanna Marsden at her unit.
Hanna Marsden at her unit. Tony Martin

Ms Marsden said the man proceeded to then ask for a shower, which she declined again and tried to direct him nicely to the park around the corner.

He told her he'd been smoking ice and that his dealer used to live in the area, he'd seen Ms Marsden from down the street as she took out her bins and decided to talk to her.

"It went on for maybe ten or fifteen minutes, I was just trying to keep him calm because with hard drugs you know sometimes their mood can flip," she said.

"I told him to go cool down in the shade in the park, hoping that if he went there he might stay for a bit and I could call the police.

"I started to worry that he lived nearby, I'd only been living in the area for about three months and don't know many people.

"As he spoke I was just taking note of everything he was wearing, any tattoos, anything that I could tell to police later."

Friends that had previously heard where Ms Marsden had moved had warned her it was a bad area, it wasn't until this encounter that she actually believed them.

Luckily she eventually convinced the man to leave, locking her doors and contacting the police.

She's also since had a security screen door installed.

"I'm lucky working in bars I've dealt with difficult drunk and drugged up people before, so I felt like I could try handle the situation," she said.

"But there would be many people that I don't thing would, it would be really scary.

"And if he's got the balls to come up to my house and ask me that to my face, imagine what he could do to a kid or another woman in the street, people just need to be careful."