NOW: Ringsfield House Manager, Nathan Hendy and Head Chef, Michelle Davis
NOW: Ringsfield House Manager, Nathan Hendy and Head Chef, Michelle Davis Matt Collins

'If these walls could talk': Many lives of popular landmark

NANANGO is one of Queensland's oldest towns, steeped in many and varied traditions.

None more so than Ringsfield House, a country estate which has enjoyed many lives over its 110 year history.

In the early 1900s, renowned architect of the time, Robin Dods designed the family home for Mr and Mrs James William Davies Graham.

As the family aged and moved away, Ringsfield became a maternity hospital from 1942 through to 1970.

During this time more than 3000 babies were delivered at the site.

Hundreds of those babies grew up and still live in the town; the very first baby would now be well into their 70s now.

In 1972 the estate was taken over by Nanango Shire Council and arrangements were made for Ringsfield to be used as a refuge for women and children, run by Lifeline Brisbane.

Unfortunately, the house became run down and in 1993 the council gave six months notice to Lifeline that they would be taking back control of Ringsfield.

The estate was to be used as the shire's museum and historical centre.

From 1995 the Nanango Historical Society took over the management, restoration and cultivation of Ringsfield in conjunction with Nanango Shire Council.

From 1996 Ringsfield opened on a regular basis for visitors and the local community.

Over time additional buildings of historical significance have been relocated onto the estate as well as several structures built utilising timber and materials from other significant buildings and amenities which had been disassembled.

In March 2017 the society handed back the management of Ringsfield to the now amalgamated South Burnett Regional Council.

Since then, the proud new caretakers of Ringsfield revived the remarkable landmark into its fifth chapter as a popular cafe, museum and tourist attraction.

The new managers of Ringsfield House offer breakfast, lunch and dinner and speciality events and are available for functions of all sizes.

It is hoped Ringsfield House will continue to draw people from far and wide to experience its beauty and remarkable history for many years to come.

This Saturday, September 15, Ringsfield House will host a fete celebrating 120 years of Nanango Hospital.

Head there from 7am-11.30am to join in.