"The kids were ready and dressed before we got out of bed. They were full of beans." Tony and Cassy Noonan Matt Collins

'I'm going home to sleep': Parents on new school year

WITH Christmas and the new year celebrations far behind us, it was time for our young ones to dust off the uniform, fill the lunch box and go back to school this week.

Parents of students from Kingaroy State School had mixed emotions about their little cherubs starting another school year.

David Hoyt's little boy, Zachary was starting his very first day of school and Mr Hoyt was a tad emotional that life will never be the same again.

"I am choked up, it will be a huge change in his life. We're hoping he'll make friends." David Hoyt (son started Prep) Matt Collins

"It's kind of the next stage in life, now he will have structure and work,” he said.

The proud dad assumed his son would do well in certain subjects.

"He is good at numbers and he likes to play spelling games, so I think he will excel at that,” Mr Hoyt said.

"He is very physical so he'll be right into outdoor play.”

Parents of both primary and high school students, Tony and Cassy Noonan said their children had been ready to go back to school weeks ago.

"Halfway through the holidays, our eight-year-old was counting down the days before they could go back to school,” Mrs Noonan said

Their high-school aged daughter is a great student and Mr Noon was under no illusions as to where the kids got their brains from.

"It definitely wasn't me,” he joked.

Both the parents work full-time and Ms Noonan had just finished night-shift when she saw the kids off safely to school.

"Now that they're all at school, I am going home to sleep,” she said.

Gaylene Gosney is the mother of only-child, Thomas who was going into Year 9.

"He was excited to go back and see his friends. He has taken a few grade 7's under his wing to show them around." Gaylene Gosney Matt Collins

"I think he was really excited to go back and see his friends, but we'll see what happens this afternoon,” she said.

Ms Gosney meets with other parents each morning outside the school.

"We catch up every morning and afternoon to socialise,” she said.

Unfortunately for Ms Gosney, Thomas has gotten too old to give mum a kiss goodbye before going in to school.

"He was like, 'I am too old to give you a cuddle and a kiss' and he took off,” she said.

Lorraine Giollo is one of those parents who meets up in the social group every afternoon and her daughter, Samantha has been friends with Ms Gosney's son, Thomas for many years.

"She was a little bit nervous, but otherwise excited to see her friends." Lorraine Giollo Matt Collins

"They first met in kindergarten,” she said.

Ms Giollo said her daughter isn't sure what she wants to do after school, but there was still plenty of time for that.

"They need to experience lots of stuff to get out there and see what is available,” she said.

Kingaroy State School's deputy principal, Jason Wyeth was extremely busy on day one of 2019's school year.

EXCITING TIMES: Kingaroy State School students Keegan Wright, Jayde Kilgour, Stewart Gardiner, Kaitlin Elliot and Deputy principal Jason Wyeth look forward to meeting the new chaplin. 

Photo Emma Galliott / South Burnett Times
BACK TO SCHOOL: Kingaroy State School deputy principal, Jason Wyeth was making sure all the students, teachers and parents were under control on day one of the school year. Emma Galliott

He was making sure all the students are where they're supposed to be and checking in with all the teachers.

"We have 70 Prep students. It's all new for those guys. They're like shiny, new buttons,” he said.