A TEARY Sophie Monk has spoken about her breakup from Stu Laundy, saying there were clashes in their highly-publicised six-month relationship.

"I'm very emotional. Oh s**t, I can't cry," Monk said, in a preview of an interview to air tonight on A Current Affair.

Monk and Laundy split last month after meeting on The Bachelorette, with Monk saying the romance "just didn't work out".

Asked by the ACA reporter if there "were clashes" during their whirlwind romance, Monk responded: "Absolutely".

The interview is screening on A Current Affair tonight, with Monk set to the host Nine's new reality dating series, Love Island.

Happier times! Sophie Monk and Stu Laundy. Picture: Richard Dobson
Happier times! Sophie Monk and Stu Laundy. Picture: Richard Dobson

Laundy previously said he found out that Monk had ended their relationship by reading her Instagram announcement.

"I don't know how to explain this because it's an unusual circumstance to be in," Monk wrote on social media last month.

"But because I entered this relationship so publicly, I know I owe an answer to Australia about my personal life.

"I went into this experience looking to settle down and start a family.

"I gave it the best shot I could and my intentions were everything I said I was looking for, but unfortunately it just didn't work out."


"As much as I respect him [Laundy], we are just very different people," Monk said in her statement on Instagram.

"There were no contracts or pressure to stay together whatsoever from anyone and we remain friends.

"The positive in this whole experience is it taught me to jump out of my comfort zone in order to find real love and made me much stronger.

"I sincerely want to apologise to anyone who invested so much love and support and I hope I haven't disappointed anyone."

Meantime, Laundy, who is the son of millionaire Sydney publican Arthur Laundy, said he was sorry the relationship didn't work out but that he had no regrets about going on the reality TV show.

"Soph's and my story is our story," Laundy, 45, said.

"I'm sorry to Australia but the reality is most of these stories will finish with the couple not together.

"I've got no regrets as I've got a friend for life ... I think Soph and I were meant to be mates like a fate thing."