'Imagine going viral for an item less than $5. Embarrassing'

ONE local business is fed up with shoplifters, and will now be taking a 'name and shame' approach to those who choose to steal from their shop.

Beachside Bargains at Evans Head posted this "NOTE TO NON-PAYING CUSTOMERS" on Facebook on Boxing Day:

"We have video surveillance recording 24/7, not sure why you think it is ok to take what you like when you like but from now on you will be named & shamed plus charged.

"Imagine going to court and going viral for an item less then $5, how embarrassing.

"We work hard all year round, and every time you steal you are taking money from our pocket.

"We have a family to support, we give generously to many different charities & community organisations, we keep our prices affordable for the whole community, when you steal you also effect all the other paying customers as we have to cover costs somehow.

"Stealing is NOT a victimless crime!

"Please don't be a complete goose."