Julie South at the iconic Mulgildie Hotel.
Julie South at the iconic Mulgildie Hotel. Mackenzie Colahan

Imagine what you could do with this iconic pub

IF YOU have ever had a secret dream of owning your own country pub, now is your chance to make it a reality.

Situated on the Burnett Highway, Mulgildie Hotel is looking for someone to take on the iconic pub for around $380,000, negotiable.

Current owner Julie South said what the property was used for was only limited by the new owner's imagination.

"You could use it for anything, for a cheese factory, or as a bootcamp, it doesn't need to stay as a hotel," she said.

The 92-year-old Queensland hotel, two hours west of Bundaberg, is fitted with 14 air-conditioned accommodation rooms, and is in very good condition.

"It's got everything," Ms South said.

The whole pub doubles as an art gallery, and a lot of the art can stay when the hotel is sold.

Hotel managers can stay on site in the manager's flat and watch the sunset.

"We get the most fantastic sunsets in the little town of Mulgildie, nearly every second day there's a beautiful sunset," she said.

The owner of the hotel for more than 15 years said the business would be good for a young family.

"I've really enjoyed being there," Ms South said.

The pub is complete with two restaurants andfitted with an up-to-date commercial kitchen, pizza oven and chargrill.

The hotel boasts a wine room and a spacious bar, with a jukebox and pool table.

Ms South said it was probably around $100,000 worth of equipment being sold with the hotel.


The current owners have worked hard over the past decade to bring the old fashioned hotel back to its former glory.

"It's an icon in the area, tourists absolutely love it, they're always taking photos out the front," she said.

With the pub only 10 minutes outside of town, Mulgildie residents often drop by.

Mulgildie is a popular spot for travellers and only half an hour from prime fishing and camping destinations, Cania Gorge and Wuruma Dam.

The hotel caters to many bikers, car enthusiasts and other travellers, situated along the highway and fitted with off street parking for grey nomads and their vans.

The property also has a big caravan and camping area for travellers at the back of the building.

"Come and have a look, see what you think, it's a good business and operated successfully for 15 years," she said.

For more information phone Julie on 0459 999 123.