Brett Searle.
Brett Searle. Peter Holt

Violent offender who made machete threat released

A SERIAL violent offender jailed for brutally bashing a friend with a pool cue has breached his suspended imprisonment sentence for the second time.

Brett William Searle was handed a three-year jail term for attacking a man and breaking his jaw after finding a child's image on a USB drive.

Mackay District Court heard he had been out of jail only seven months when he first breached the suspended sentence after he threatened a man on the street that he would go and get a machete.

He then tried to punch him several times. As a result, Searle's suspended sentence was extended for 12 months.

The most recent breach of his suspended sentence related to contravening a court order.

Judge Deborah Richards activated the suspended sentence, jailing Searle for six months with immediate parole release.