HEALTH AND FITNESS: Laila Gordon is a Kingaroy-based professional fitness trainer and massage therapist. Picture: File
HEALTH AND FITNESS: Laila Gordon is a Kingaroy-based professional fitness trainer and massage therapist. Picture: File

Importance of head space and perception

I HAVE often talked about how important your head space and perception is in order for creating your amazing life and reaching your goals but what happens if you’re stuck and can’t get out of your own head?

The list of names attached to mental health is as long as my arm (and that’s with the small 8pt-sized typed font).

Mental health makes up a massive industry in our country and globally.

It is fast becoming the front runner in our health system and it’s growing right alongside obesity.

So what if you’re stuck in a really dark place or just can’t find a way to overcome a situation?

Firstly, think about self-care.

Talk it out of your system (generally via professional help or a good mate, or both), relax a new way into your system (give yourself some quiet time to reflect and formulate a strategy to rise from the ashes) and move it all around (get your shoes on and get your heart racing).

One day at a time, every day until you become the hero of your own story.

I have been tagged in a Facebook challenge of 25 push-ups for 25 days to raise awareness for mental health – issues like depression, anxiety and stress, to name a few.

I realised early on in this challenge that I had to find other people and other push-up variations or I would get bored, find it harder than it actually was and quit.

I am currently up to day 25 and throughout this challenge I have tried to draw analogies between this challenge and mental health.

Her are some that I have personally experienced throughout this challenge.


  • At times I found it hard to remember to do the push-ups
  • When I left the challenge until the end of the day, the push-ups seemed harder to accomplish. It’s harder to get off the couch
  • At times I did feel alone on this journey.


  • On day five I felt a difference in my strength
  • I developed a good routine and it made me feel good when completed
  • It brought me closer to people, in experience and banter
  • It brought a smile to my face.

I feel I have completed and successfully achieved the end goal. Good vibes right now.

Creative thinking/training around your life stops you from quitting on yourself.

I suppose the choice is up to you. Start with your own challenge and make your world a brighter place.

Talk it out, think it out, work it out.