Simple, solid, sound. Denon's new in-ears just work.

DENON'S AH-C50 in-ear headphones are the kind of sure-thing you go for when the other options are a bit much.

The C50s are in-ear smartphone headphones that include a one-button control for just under $60 dollars.

This might seem expensive compared to $10 headphones you bought at the petrol station, but when you consider the quality differences in sound, build and longevity, there is just no comparison.

They're solid. I fell down a flight of stairs, by accident, with them in and there's no evidence that it hurt them. I'll be fine, cheers.

They're attractive. The C50s are black but for two muted steel caps on the back of the ear-buds - no gaudy and loud colours clashing with everything you own here.

The design is simple and minimalist without looking like they were made by pets.

Removing the Denon labels on the buds would probably help in this direction but it is not a huge problem.

For me the major issue was the lack of volume control on the control. It might not be a deal-breaker but the designer who can make a one-button with volume control will be a hero in my eyes.