Injured wildlife have to wait until fires ease

AS FAMILIES still struggle to deal with unpredictable fires and windy weather, spare a thought for our injured wildlife.

Kingaroy wildlife rescuer Darryl Robinson said as sad as it was, the current conditions were too dangerous to retrieve any injured wildlife.

“After a couple of days of burning, trees begin to crack and fall,” he said.

“They just start cracking like 22s, you’ll hear them,”

“With these winds, it is catastrophic,” he said.

“We are not going to let anyone in there.”

Mr Robinson is also battling blazes, as one of Brooklands’ hard-working volunteer firefighters. He was confident the fires would ease in the next couple of days, but until then, they could not go in and assess the health of animals in the affected areas.

Some of the more intense South Burnett fires were in Schellbachs Rd and Hayden St in Kingaroy.

Sadly, Mr Robinson confirmed, in the past, this area where he released recovered koalas back into the wild.

“Koalas are released into that area,” he said.

“Because of these fires, I’d say there will be a lot that are injured or dehydrated.

“By the time carers get in there it may be too late,” he said.

“That will be pretty devastating.”

As well as koalas, a lot of other local fauna are under threat from the devastating fires we are currently faced with.

“There are lots of possums, bandicoots, lizards and lots of birds nesting at this time of year,” Mr Robinson said.

Tragically, until our brave firefighters get on top of the dangerous blaze, our native animals will have to hold on.

“We can’t let anyone in, it is just too dangerous,” Mr Robinson said.