HELPERS: Herbert, Ivy and Pearl Roger.
HELPERS: Herbert, Ivy and Pearl Roger. Meg Gannon

Inspiring siblings care for sister with disability

MODESTY might not be the quality you associate with children aged 9, 7, and 2.

But the Roger siblings are putting that to rest.

Ivy Roger was diagnosed with cerebral palsy at just two weeks old.

Her big brother Herbert and little sister Pearl have helped take care of her, so much so that caring for Ivy has just become a normal part of everyday life.

So when the three children were nominated for the Children of Courage award by mum Michelle and dad Tom, they simply didn't believe they deserved it.

"Herbert's reaction was pretty cute, he said 'why am I getting this award'," Mrs Roger said.

"It recognises that siblings have different lives when they have siblings with special needs and that you do lots of special stuff to help Ivy.

"They're just normal brothers and sisters, they fight like cats and dogs sometimes.

"It is great when you see them work together as a little team."