Dramatic proposal goes viral after woman tweets whole event.
Dramatic proposal goes viral after woman tweets whole event.

Dramatic proposal grips internet as woman live tweets

AN Aussie guy's elaborate proposal has gone viral, after the woman tweeted the whole dramatic event.

Brisbane couple Georgiana and Stephen were on holiday in Paris when he disappeared to fetch coffees in the morning - and left a mysterious note in their apartment.

Initially Stephen confessed he'd "lied" to her but asked her to head to a nearby cafe.

Georgiana followed the instructions while sharing her findings with the world and her trail has since become a gripping tale the internet has gone wild for.

Here's how it all began:

Once there, she was greeted by a man who handed her another note, that basically reassured her nothing sinister was going on. Phew.

"I'm going to take you on your own little journey through Paris," it said, but only after she had enjoyed a hearty brekkie. Talk about a man after our own heart.

From there, British-born Georgiana was treated to a book from the famous Parisian bookshop Shakespeare and Co, where inside she discovered another note.

This eventually led her all the way to the city's famous artist square, via a whole heap of different sights including Notre Dame and Montmartre.

Unfortunately for Georgiana, she was tackling this trek in six-inch heels. What were you thinking Stephen?

Here, Georgiana spotted Stephen sketching away and she rushed over to thank him for such an amazing adventure. (She'd obviously forgiven him for not telling her to wear sneakers.)

But then he showed her his artwork, giving Twitter fans what they'd all been waiting for.

Of course, she said yes and people are sharing their virtual tears all over the romantic thread, with some calling it "the most beautiful thing ever to happen on Twitter".

"Oh my actual days. I'm actually crying reading this thread. Congratulations, lovely!" one user wrote.

"Oh my god, even my icy heart got a bit warmer at that. Wow. Just wow. And he is getting a beautiful wife," another said.

However not everyone thought the story was going to have a happy ending, responding that they thought it was a "bit sinister" to begin with.

"I was beginning to think something sinisterly was about to go down but, OMG. Thank God. ROMANCE. TRUE. ROMANCE," one happy follower wrote.

"Congratulations, I wasn't sure what this was building to at the start, but it all pans out so beautifully," another agreed.

The happy couple. They must’ve been exhausted after all that fun.
The happy couple. They must’ve been exhausted after all that fun.

Others compared their big moments to the thread, declaring Georgiana and Stephen won.

"Our 'proposal' was at an all-you-can-eat Pizza Hut buffet. Who asked who is still up for debate! You win @GingerGeorgiana congrats my love x," one person wrote.

The thread has since clocked up over 40,000 likes and has been retweeted 13,000 times since it was shared on January 8.

In a follow-up tweet, Georgiana revealed the pair were planning to hit the city of love that night to celebrate, but were too exhausted from their eventful day.

They did pop out to enjoy a creme brulee though.


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