Residents find thousands in $5 notes in backyards

THOUSANDS of dollars in $5 notes has fallen from the sky across the city after a radio DJ claimed he dropped $10,000 during a skydive.

Stav from Hit105's breakfast show jumped from a plane over Brisbane on Saturday, laden with cash, which he dropped during his descent, according to reports.

A woman was mowing her yard at Silkstone at about 2.30pm on Saturday when she found two of the notes.

Unfortunately a third $5 note had already fallen victim to her lawnmower.

"So, mowing the yard does pay off," she said in a social media post.

A woman found some notes in her backyard at Silkstone.
A woman found some notes in her backyard at Silkstone. Contributed

Stav Davidson said there was a phone number on the notes which those who found them could call.

"They gave me $10,000 in $5 notes and as I flew down from the sky I distributed it across the skies of Brisbane," Stav Davidson said.

"And over the course of time if you find a note, they have a number on them and you can tell us where you found it."

The stunt may have been considered generous for those lucky enough to have found a note or two, but some people are questioning whether it should be considered littering.

The radio station was quick to respond, saying "currency isn't considered litter".