Sistas in Sync organiser Lynda Lange is passionate about asking the hard questions about society.
Sistas in Sync organiser Lynda Lange is passionate about asking the hard questions about society. Jessica McGrath

Is pornography to blame for domestic violence?

COMMUNITY advocate Lynda Lange is passionate about asking the hard questions regarding domestic violence and the sexualisation of society.

Ms Lange questions why society has a sexualised culture, with so much domestic violence, sexual assaults and pornography.

The Sistas in Sync member, and nurse, said those who were victims of the abuse coming out of this sexualised culture were very damaged and needed lots of help to rehabilitate.

"In my job we see so much, we're band-aiding and band-aiding problems in people's lives," Ms Lange said.

"We've got to get to the root cause, and hopefully prevent some of this stuff."

Ms Lange said pornography was one of the topics often left out of the conversation around domestic violence, and sexual violence against women.

Research by the National Centre on Sexual Exploitation revealed the use of pornography by abusers significantly increased a woman's odds of being sexually abused.

"Pornography use alone increased the odds by a factor of almost two, and the combination of pornography and alcohol increased the odds of sexual abuse by a factor of three," the national centre reported.

Ms Lange said domestic violence and pornography were both about dominance.

"It doesn't take rocket science to see the link between what porn does in a user's psyche," she said.

"Porn is about domination, it's about making someone else do what they want them to do."

The National Centre on Sexual Exploitation said 93 per cent of boys and 62 per cent of girls had seen internet pornography during adolescence, and the degree of exposure was of particular concern.

Ms Lange said the largest demographic of porn users being adolescents was most likely due to the digital age.

"This is almost such a new phenomenon to an extent, we don't even know the long term effects down the track," she said.

Ms Lange said the community should be aware of this, and take conscious control of what their children were looking at.

"They might seem like radical things, but it's about tough love to protect our kids and what they might be stumbling across," she said.

Ms Lange is one of the organisers of an upcoming community forum called Restoring Dignity And Hope In A Sexualised Culture.

The forum will feature internationally acclaimed speakers, covering topics such as sexualisation, pornography, and advice for parents and schools.

The event will be on Saturday, June 2, from 9am at St John's School hall in Kingaroy, and costs $10 for the lunch.

For more information and bookings by May 26, contact or call 0417 789 340.