FAITHFUL: Alex Scott says he's not pushy but wants people to know there's a spot in heaven for them if they want it.
FAITHFUL: Alex Scott says he's not pushy but wants people to know there's a spot in heaven for them if they want it. Warren Lynam

Israel was no 'Jesus' and being gay is no sin: Christian man

A MAN with a "mission from God" has flown from his Minnesota home to the Sunshine Coast, with friends raising more than $6000 so he can learn to spread God's "message of love".

Alex Scott, 20, was born and raised in Minneapolis, Minnesota, and decided to come to the Sunshine Coast where Youth With a Mission run a training course that will teach him to evangelise.

"God and I decided the next step was to go do a YWAM DTS (discipleship training session)," he said. "We learn how to...bring the word of God to people."

A close friend had been through YWAM Sunshine Coast's training program, called Skate-Wake-Surf.

"It's doing outreach to local skate parks and beaches, not coming forward with the gospel immediately but just making contact with the locals," he said.

"It was always a dream of mine, to come to Australia, so a lot of things aligned."

Asked whether he agreed with rugby player Israel Folau's controversial post on social media in April that homosexuals (and others) would go to hell unless they repented, which led to Rugby Australia cancelling his multi-million dollar contract last month, Mr Scott said Mr Folau's comments were not fair.

"As a Christian, as a person who has their own sins (and I don't think homosexuality is a sin)...I cannot condemn somebody personally, as a human on Earth," he said.

"I don't think he approached the situation with love, compassion, understanding or grace and there are some things he needs to work out.

"I wouldn't say that he has had a Jesus-like or Godly approach."

Mr Scott said there was "only one stipulation of going to heaven...that's accepting God in your heart and that he's your saviour".

He said Mr Folau's sentiments were "not something that's coming out of love, it's coming out of hate".

Mr Scott's GoFundMe page had so far raised $6500 toward his study and travel costs, and about another $2500 was needed.

He said he was keen to skate more, and he would not "shove anything down your throat" but was looking forward to getting to know Coast residents.

"If people want to hear about God they can talk about God, but if they want to watch the footy game that's fine too," he said.

"They are loved and cared for and they have a seat in heaven if you want it."