Tyler Wilkinson appeared in Murgon Magistrates Court.
Tyler Wilkinson appeared in Murgon Magistrates Court. Michael Nolan

'It'll take over your life': Man warned about drug use

A YOUNG man has been warned by the court to get over his drug addiction.

Murgon Magistrate Louisa Pink said Tyler Wilkinson had reached a stage where fines were no longer a deterrence.

"You need to try and get on top of this otherwise it'll take over your life,” Ms Pink said.

The 20-year-old man pleaded guilty to four charges in Murgon Magistrates Court on today.

Police prosecutor Barry Stevens said police had attended a Murgon address for a different reason when they found Wilkinson on April 1.

They found the defendant in possession of 1g of marijuana, along with a water pipe suspected of being used for drugs.

"He made admissions and forfeited the items,” Sgt Stevens said.

Defence lawyer Chris Campbell said Wilkinson was currently having counselling, arranged through his probation officer, to address his drug use.

"As a result, his intake of marijuana has significantly reduced,” Mr Campbell said.

"The seeds were possibly left over from last time he was raided.”

Wilkinson was also charged with breaking his bail condition by failing to report to a Murgon officer in charge during the morning of April 8.

This resulted in an additional charge of contravening direction or requirement of police as he failed to follow directions and report.

Mr Campbell said the man had failed to report because he was visiting his mother in Goomeri.

Wilkinson was released on six months' probation for the possession of drugs and utensils charges.

He was also fined $200 for the contravening direction and bail condition breach.

The court ordered the forfeiture of the seized items.

All convictions were recorded.