Ted Sorensen MP outside the emergency department of Hervey Bay Hospital.
Ted Sorensen MP outside the emergency department of Hervey Bay Hospital. Cody Fox

'It's a bloody disaster': MP calls for hospital crisis team

HERVEY Bay's MP is calling for immediate crisis intervention at the city's hospital.

Ted Sorensen sent a letter to Minister for Health Steven Miles on Friday, detailing multiple complaints through his electorate office.

In his letter, seen by the Chronicle, Mr Sorensen claimed Hervey Bay Hospital was in the middle of a "human resources crisis".

He said nursing staff from multiple departments were on stress leave, making it difficult for others left to carry the workload.

He also claimed some hospital contractors had not been paid.

The letter also claimed administration staff who are doing the same job were on different rates of pay.

"It's a bloody disaster," Mr Sorensen said.

"Something has got to be done because it can't go on the way it's been going. It is not fair on the staff up there.

"I am sick and tired of taking complaints from disgruntled doctors, nurses and patients who are supporting the staff there but recognise there is problem.

"You can't blame the staff for what is happening, it is inappropriate to blame the staff when you haven't given them the resources."

While Mr Miles did not address the specific issues raised in Mr Sorensen's letter, he said patients at Hervey Bay can expect to be given the "highest quality care".

"We've invested $44.66 million in the state-of-the-art new ED at Hervey Bay hospital. This is already making a difference to performance times," he said.

"Since 2015, we've hired 33 more doctors, 87 more nurses and midwives and five health professionals.  

"I'm sick and tired of Liberal National Party members like Ted Sorensen talking down our hard-working health care workers.

"When they were in government they sacked health staff, cut funding and failed to plan for any major hospital upgrades."

Mr Sorensen said he feared if the hospital got a bad name, it would be hard to get staff to come here.

"I think it is time that (the minister) gets a crisis intervention team into the Hervey Bay Hospital and have a sit down and talk to the staff and make sure things are going in the right direction," he said.

"I have really had a gut full.

"I am sick and tired of the propaganda machine trying to cover up. We need specialists to come here. Doctors aren't coming because of the way they are being treated. We are not going to get good people in or our good people are just going to leave.

"The worst part about this is everyone is scared they are going to get the sack if they speak out. I think that is wrong. I have just been inundated by people coming to my office with issues."

At the close of business on Friday, Mr Miles had not contacted Mr Sorensen about his letter.

Mr Miles did not confirm whether he would investigate Mr Sorensen's claims.